SmashingSolution is a leading software and web development services provider. Having emerged unparalleled in providing quality services to clients and consumers across the globe, SmashingSolution has revolutionized web development into an experience like none other. Below are some of area of our experties.

Web Development

Our highly qualified web application development team takes your ideas and present them in best possible way. We have an experienced and dedicated team of web developers ready to develop high performance website for you on demand in your budget and available time. Pick a technology such as PHP (Laravel, WordPress), Ruby on Rails, Python (Django), JavaScript (ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS) and let us serve you with what we do best.

E-Commerce Development

An e-commerce store should be safe, impressive, secure and designed to make it easy to use for customers so that they can find products they are searching for and make a purchase decision with ease. We offer reliable, secure and customized e-commerce solutions that fit each client's needs. You have many options for e-commerce platform / framework / technology such as Shopify, WordPress, Laravel, Django, ReactJS and more...


We put in best efforts in user interface and user experience. We know design is something that speaks out for the products or services you offer, so this area needs utmost attention, creativity and focus. Our UI/UX experts have years and years of solid industry experience. Get best UI/UX experience in your budget. We are proud of our experties in this area.

Mobile App Development

We offer jQuery Mobile / Apache Cordova and React Native based mobile apps development. Turn your wireframes, UI/UX designs, or prototypes into fully tested, ready-to-deploy mobile applications within timeline and in your budget. Turn your web app into mobile app or create custom mobile app with features of your choice.

Quality Assurance

At SmashingSolution, we enjoy quality-centered testing and help our customers guarantee their product or application's ease of use and functionality. Each app we create, goes through cycle of rigorous testing phase until its 100% bugs and errors free both UI/UX and functionality wise. We do not compromise on quality assurance and our clients trust our QA process.

Web Hosting

Do you need web hosting to host your web app? We are here to help our clients in this area. Our customized web hosting solutions are designed to fit your requirement. From shared hosting, to virtual private servers and dedicated servers, we can set up your web server for your website. We also have cloud web hosting solutions that scale on demand and won't break your bank.

We take pride on our returning clients who trust us with quality of work that we deliver. We focus on quality, performance and do whatever it takes to deliver project on time and in budget.


We take pride in our products and services which are a hallmark of our continuous commitment to quality and innovation. Following are some of our projects.
Adam Builders
Digital Intellect
Alshifa Herbal
Problem Solution HQ
Power Monkey Fitness
Perfect Skin Med Spa
Full Circleaz
Simple Loose Leaf
Michigan Auto Law
Shop ECS


Our team ensures that all our platforms and services adhere to maximum quality standards and surpass expectations set by our clients. We do not compromise on code quality and QA.

Guaranteed Results

You only pay for results, not hours and we stand behind the work delivered. Our QA team and highly professional developers work hard to satisfy each client's specific needs.

Proven Platform and Methodology

We make it easy to track your project status and timeline, and a dedicated project manager or teamlead is with you every step of the way. Agile workflow enables us to keep pushing work done.

Quick Test Cycles

Quickly complete test cycles in your project's development environment. We provide you on-demand access to a network of industry-leading QA engineers who test each aspect of software to make sure it meets your requirements.

Daily Standups / Scrums

One of our relevant manager or teamlead keeps respective client updated about progress of project at daily basis. We do scrum and standup meetings on daily basis and attend skype calls with clients to inform the current status of project each day or as required.

Personalized Teams

As you hand over project requirements to us, we assign relevant team members to your project and they start working on the project right away. Our resources and work force are flexible and we assign each task to relevant teams and project manager.

Transparent Process

Relevant teams and client can track project progress in a transparent manner as we use project management tools like Asana, Trello, Jira to track time for each task for each project. Our clients get to see how much time is being given to each task and how many team members are working on a specific task or portion of project.

Code Sense / Code Quality

Our software engineers use only the best coding practices. You will receive maintainable code with documentation. We name functions, classes, sections properly and use comments where necessary to make project easy to understand for future maintenance. You can introduce new features to project easily. We follow SOLID rule.

Free Support

We stand out with our products at every step. We provide support in each perspective, from educating our clients to customizing software features and using product effectively. We provide free consultancy on how you can further improve your software or maintain it as it expands.

Built-in SEO Optimization

We create SEO optimized web applications. Your project's images names will be proper. We implement semantic and valid HTML based on strict quality standards. We know where to put assets and how to optimize each aspect of your application for best performance and speed.

We take pride in what we do. We strive to retain our employees and clients equally and to achieve that, we maintain a healthy balance in work, play and growth. Talent and ideas hold great value in our cluture. Smashing Solution is not just a team of software engineers, its a philosophy, a dream and reality in parallel. Come join us in our journey. We will go places side by side.


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Each client is valuable to us and we cherish our satisfied clients.


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