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So you think you are highly skillful professional in your area of experties? Test your skills by attempting skills assessment tests, boost your confidence and move ahead in your career. Short multiple choice questions based skills test is a great way to find out your strengths in your professional field. Professionals who pass these exams are more likely to win in other multiple choice questions answers based online exams, than who haven't even tried.

What Type of Skills Tests do we have?

We have user submitted questions answers that have been moderated by highly skilled professionals before including into our skills test system. You may not get the questions that you see on freelancing websites but you will undergo same routiene of attempting a tough, time restricted aptitude that will question your knowledge in your professional field. Our users are mostly marketing managers, project managers, freelancers, web developers, programmers, software developers, web designers, teachers and people related to other high tech fields. These people want to test their skills and prepare themselves for interviews and online tests. If you are a skillful professional and we have an exam related to your industry, Why not give our skills assessment test a try?

What are the benefits?

  • Skills tests are free
  • Retry as many times as you like
  • No penalties, no negative marking on wrong answers
  • Improved score system, get detailed result about your exam attempt
  • Get used to the process of attempting questions quickly in limited given time
  • Try again and again until you master an skill test
  • Boost your confidence in your field
  • Measure your strengths and knowledge
  • Best for skills assessment and skills test practice
  • Test your skills for free
  • New questions are being added every now and then
  • Use keyboard controls for fast answering
  • 10 questions can be skipped in each test without any score loss

Skills Test Sample

  • 4 multiple choice questions
  • 1 minute exam time
  • 50% marks needed to pass
  • 10 questions can be skipped
  • No negative marking

Try Sample Skills Test

Before you attempt lengthy professional skills tests of 10 or 10+ minutes, why not attempt a sample exam with only 4 easy questions? By the end of this exam, you will have a good idea of skills test process flow and the way this system works. Don't forget to try keyboard controls as well.

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