Smashing Solution offers online exams based on multiple choice questions so that professionals from a variety of fields can test strength of their skills. If you have ever given skills test at freelancer or upwork, you know what kind of procedure is involved in giving these tests. These tests may not include same questions like you are offered by freelancer or upwork but these will provide you same opportunity to test your skills. These tests will also prepare you to give and pass tests at freelancing websites. Before you give paid test at freelancing websites, try our tests and go through same difficulty and procdure that you will face at those websites.

The Process

The criteria of tests is also similar to those freelancing websites. You are provided with limited time and you have to answer few questions in that given time. There is no negative markings. You can skip the questions you find confusing. At the end of test, your score is shown to you. You can give tests as many times as you like and whenever you like. Before giving 10 minutes or more time consuming test, you can try out our sample test that has 4 easy questions and you have to answer those in 30 seconds time.

The Content

Most questions and answers are our user submissions. We check the validity of questions and answers but we accept questions from our community. You can submit questions with answers by using our contact page. You can submit questions for any test available here. Infact we depend on our community and users for content at this website. We thank our community for support and submissions.

The Validity

You can make sure that tests are tough and will require a lots of brain power and concentration. These will test your abilities in the professional field that you are interested in. These tests are designed to question your skill strengths. Each question is verified for validity before inclusion in the system. Our moderators are highly technical, skilled professionals and experts in their fields.

Results / Score


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