Can You Earn Via a Facebook Page in Pakistan? The Truth!!!

It’s November 2022. Many videos and articles around this topic are surfacing and influencers are telling the community to start earning from Facebook pages in Pakistan. They say that in Pakistan, you can earn from Facebook pages. Facebook pages have been monetized in Pakistan. Is this true? What is the truth about Facebook page monetization in Pakistan?

As of this date, this is not true. You can not earn via Facebook pages in Pakistan. There are stars but that is a separate story. Regular monetization for Facebook pages in Pakistan is not available as of right now. Be aware of anybody that is saying that Facebook pages have been monetized in Pakistan and you can earn in Pakistan using Facebook pages, that is simply not true.

People are creating videos and publishing articles for just views. Facebook is not monetized in Pakistan. However, in India, Facebook is monetized and the people of India are generating good revenue from Facebook. But for Pakistan, it is not true.

In Pakistan, many YouTubers are saying that they are earning well from Facebook. There are showing that they earned $4k by only publishing one video on Facebook. They are also saying that sponsors are paying up to $10k in Pakistan to Facebook pages with a large audience. This is not true.

We have contacted owners of Facebook pages with the bigger audience – pages with more than 60K and 80k Facebook followers and asked them if they are earning any money from Facebook. And if Facebook has been monetized in Pakistan or not? And got the same reply that Facebook is not monetized in Pakistan yet. And they are not sure if they will allow monetization in Pakistan or not.

Even bigger influencers with a large following are claiming that they are earning from Facebook in Pakistan. It can be possible in a way that they have friends or family abroad in a country where Facebook monetization is allowed. They may have added their friend or family as their Facebook page admin, and then that Facebook page can earn because now his owner is living in a country where Facebook monetization is ON. For regular Pakistanis with a larger audience, Facebook is not monetized in Pakistan.

You can clarify this yourself. If you are in Pakistan, you have a Facebook page with a large following, open your Facebook page, and go to ‘Meta Business Suite‘ by clicking on the link in the sidebar at the left of your Facebook page. Look at the right side, in the monetization section. Their stars earnings and in-stream ads earnings will be displayed with $0. These monetization stats are there but these will reflect 0 because monetization is not allowed in Pakistan yet.

Click on the monetization link on the left side in the sidebar. It will open up a Facebook monetization page. Under status look for messages. even when monetization status may be ON, and under that, you may see something like “your page is able to earn money because it’s following our partner monetization policies“, but click on the button ‘view page eligibility‘. There you will see:

In-steam ads for on-demand (short ads that you can include in your videos to earn money)
Stars (virtual good)

In front of In-stream ads, there may be the text ‘Pre-enrolled‘. If you hover over the ‘pre-enrolled’ text, a tooltip will display a message that will be like this:

“The country associated with this page is not currently supported for in-stream ads.”

So that is the reality. Even when there is a monetization section and information available and earning stats show 0 figures but it will work when monetization will be supported for Pakistan. Monetization on Facebook is not yet supported in Pakistan.

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