How an Amazon Virtual Assistant Makes Money Online

What is Amazon Virtual Assistant? How can you become Amazon Virtual Assistant and earn online? How Amazon Virtual Assistant makes money online? What are the responsibilities of Amazon Virtual Assistant? You may have heard and watched many videos about how people, even young people are earning thousands of dollars from Amazon by working as Amazon Virtual Assistants. You might be curious about how these people earn money using Amazon. In this guide, I will tell you all about it. I will also clear a few misconceptions about this topic.

What is Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Amazon Virtual Assistant is a job or service. As an Amazon Virtual Assistant, you are not the owner of a product or any store. You provide a service or perform a task. Many people think that when they will do the Amazon Virtual Assistant course, they will start to earn immediately. This is not true. You will learn skills and then you will have to use those skills to make money. You have to sell your services as Amazon Virtual Assistant on Fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer, or similar freelancing platforms. An Amazon Virtual Assistant is a freelancer. He has to search for a job in this area to make money.

Amazon Virtual Assistant can be a remote job. You can provide your services from a remote area. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. As a Virtual Assistant, you are assisting somebody remotely who is selling his products on Amazon. Amazon store owners (some of them) or product sellers don’t have time to promote their products. There are many other tasks besides promoting a product. To accomplish those tasks, Amazon store owners need virtual assistants.

For example, A person who wants to sell his products on Amazon wants to research a product with less competition but high demand. He will want to hire a virtual assistant to research and find a good product. After that when he lists the product on his online store, he would want to improve SEO for more visibility and clients. He would want to promote his product. He would want to conduct competitor research. All of these tasks are done by an Amazon Virtual Assistant. Store owner invests in a product and wants profits. Managing products, and their listings and increasing sales are tasks for Amazon Virtual Assistants.

Amazon Virtual Assistant (Amazon VA) is a service that allows businesses and individuals to hire a virtual assistant to handle various tasks and responsibilities. These tasks can include:

Amazon Virtual Assistant Tasks

  • Product research, market research or product hunting
  • Product listing
  • Conducting online research
  • Search engine optimization for products
  • Answering emails
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Managing social media accounts

Amazon Virtual Assistant Tasks in Detail

I can tell you more related Amazon VA services:

  • Responding to customer inquiries or complaints
  • Managing social media accounts and creating content
  • Answering emails and scheduling appointments
  • Conducting online research and data entry
  • Providing technical support and troubleshooting
  • Transcribing audio or video files
  • Creating and managing spreadsheets and documents
  • Organizing and managing customer and client information
  • Creating and managing calendars and schedules
  • Booking travel arrangements
  • Creating and managing invoices and billing
  • Processing orders and tracking shipments
  • Updating and maintaining websites and blogs
  • Creating and designing marketing materials
  • Managing and updating databases
  • Providing customer service and support
  • Creating and managing social media ads
  • Analyzing and reporting on website and social media analytics
  • Providing translation services
  • Managing and organizing digital files and documents
  • Providing virtual receptionist services
  • Transcribing and editing podcasts
  • Creating and managing email marketing campaigns
  • Providing transcription and translation services for videos
  • Providing virtual event planning and management services
  • Providing virtual personal assistant services
  • Creating and managing social media contests and promotions
  • Providing virtual writing and editing services
  • Providing virtual project management services
  • Providing virtual customer service training and support.

Amazon VAs are typically self-employed contractors who work remotely and communicate with clients through email, phone, or video conferencing. Amazon VA services can be accessed through a variety of websites and platforms, including Amazon’s platform, which is called Amazon Services.

Amazon Virtual Assistants at Fiverr

If you look at Fiverr for Virtual Assistant Jobs, they are providing such services:

  • Product hunting
  • Product sourcing & logistics
  • Ungating categories
  • keyword research
  • Product Listing Creation / Product Bulk Listing / Product Listing optimization
  • Backend optimization
  • Variation Listing / Variation Fixing
  • Product promotion, coupon, giveawways
  • A+ Content / EBC
  • Stranded & Suppressed Listing Fixation
  • Product Image Editing
  • Order Management
  • Logging of Cases
  • Business Reports and other reporting
  • Answering customer queries over product
  • Ask for Review / Feedback Email sending to buyers
  • Supplier sourcing / Alibaba sourcing
  • Shipment plans and solutions
  • FBA inventory management
  • Branding and Private Labeling
  • Case Handling
  • Amazon FBA Consultancy
  • Product Page Creation
  • Suppressed inventory
  • Amazon PPC campaign creation and optimization
  • FBA shipment creation
  • Adding & merging variations
  • Launching & ranking
  • Customer care
  • Seller central management
  • Print item labels
  • Copywriting
  • Inventory Reimbursement
  • Audit report of listing and ads including an action plan for improvements
  • Facebook ads
  • A to Z account handling
  • Amazon sponsored ads

Audit and reporting gigs have packages per product basis. More products, more cost.

Amazon Virtual Assistant Tools (Product Hunting & Research)

Tools that they are using for product hunting, product research, and ranking are:

  1. Jungle scount
  2. Helium10
  3. Viral launch
  4. Merchant words
  5. Keepa
  6. Manychat bots

Amazon Virtual Assistant Tools (General)

There are several tools that are used by Amazon virtual assistants in day to day tasks.

  1. Microsoft Office – productivity suite including Word, Excel, and Outlook
  2. Trello – project management and task tracking tool
  3. Asana – project management and task tracking tool
  4. Slack – team communication and collaboration tool
  5. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) – productivity suite including Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar
  6. Hootsuite – social media management tool
  7. Canva – graphic design tool
  8. Grammarly – writing and grammar improvement tool
  9. Zoom – video conferencing and virtual meeting tool
  10. FreshBooks – invoicing and billing tool
  11. Adobe Creative Cloud – design and creative software suite
  12. Mailchimp – email marketing tool
  13. LastPass – password management tool
  14. Todoist – task management and productivity tool
  15. Dropbox – file storage and sharing tool
  16. Timely – time tracking and invoicing tool
  17. Autopilot – customer journey automation tool
  18. Airtable – spreadsheet and database management tool
  19. Hiver – email collaboration tool
  20. Xero – accounting and bookkeeping tool
  21. Calendly – appointment scheduling tool
  22. QuickBooks – accounting and bookkeeping tool
  23. Salesforce – customer relationship management tool
  24. HubSpot – customer relationship management and marketing tool
  25. SurveyMonkey – survey creation and analysis tool
  26. Evernote – note-taking and organization tool
  27. Buffer – social media scheduling and management tool
  28. Basecamp – project management and collaboration tool
  29. WordPress – website and blog creation and management tool
  30. Adobe Acrobat – PDF creation and editing tool.

Should You Join Amazon Virtual Assistant Courses

Yes. Amazon Virtual Assistant has few skills under his sleeves and performs many tasks. Courses teach you these skills. For example, market research, product hunting, product listing, and product SEO.

Do I need to Invest as an Amazon Virtual Assistant

No. Amazon Virtual Assistant can start working without spending any money.

How Much Can an Amazon Virtual Assistant Earn

He can earn as much as the working hours he will spend doing VA tasks.

As An Amazon Virtual Assistant Can I work with Multiple Stores

Amazon Virtual Assistant can work with multiple sellers or store owners and on multiple Amazon stores. An average Amazon Virtual Assistant works with two or three Amazon stores at the same time. But if you can bring in employees and more virtual assistants, then you can handle much more and earn much more.

As an Amazon Virtual Assistant Will I work with Same Store

As a VA you will not work permanently with a client. Your client (store owner) can leave you at any time. In that case you can find any other client or more work from somewhere else.

Can You Learn Amazon Virtual Assistant Skills For Free?

Yes, use YouTube to learn Amazon Virtual Assistant for free. A few main things are sufficient to start with, for example: product hunting, market research, product listing, and product SEO.

What is Difficult for an Amazon Virtual Assistant

Finding a good client is difficult for an Amazon Virtual Assistant. Learning a skill or a tool is not difficult at all.

What Other Skills Amazon VAs are Good With

VAs are usually experts for e-commerce, and local businesses, specializing in Amazon, YouTube, marketing, copywriting, SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, WordPress & Shopify.

How to Learn Amazon Virtual Assistant Skills

There are two things.

  1. Software and tools
  2. Techniques and skills

You can search on YouTube for a perticular tool or skill about Amazon and you can learn it very fast, within days. For example search on YouTube for ‘how to use Helium10 to research a product’ or ‘how to do product listing optimization on Amazon’ and you will find many tutorials to start with.

How to Start Selling Services as Amazon Virtual Assistant

First learn tools, software, and skills and then create a gig on Fiverr or look for clients on UpWork, Freelancer, or people per hour and start earning by selling your services as an Amazon VA.

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