How to Find Trending Topics on Youtube?

As a creator trending topics can help you grow on youtube, get your videos more exposure and views. As a viewer, by following trending topics you can stay up-to-date on the latest news, events and trends. Following trending topics can help you connect with other people who are interested in the same things as you, which can be a great way to build relationships and expand your network. Trending topics can also help you stay relevant and engage with your audience by participating in discussions about popular topics. Its a good way to generate ideas for content creation and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to creating engaging and relevant content.

Before I tell you how to find trending topics, lets see what is trending.

What is “Trending”?

Trending refers to something that is currently popular or fashionable. In the context of social media and youtube, trending often refers to topics or hashtags that are being talked about a lot on a particular platform. For example, on Twitter, the “trending” section shows the most popular hashtags and topics that people are tweeting about at the moment. On youtube, there is section called trending. In general, trending topics are typically news-related or tied to current events. Trending is what’s happening on YouTube and in the world. Find trending videos by tapping the Explore menu at the top of the YouTube Homepage.

How to Find Trending Topics

To find trending topics on YouTube, you can visit the YouTube homepage and look for the “Trending” tab. This will show you a list of the most popular videos on YouTube at the moment. Additionally, you can search for specific keywords or phrases on YouTube to see if there are any trending videos related to your search terms. It’s also a good idea to check out the “Recommended” section on your YouTube homepage, which will show you videos that YouTube thinks you might be interested in based on your previous viewing history.

When something is trending, usually you see a lot of creators creating videos on that same topic. If you see few new videos on same topic by different creators, its an indication that you should watch those videos or as a vreator make videos around similar topic.

Following are more tips on how to find best content that is trending on youtube.

  • Use the search function: Type in keywords related to the topic you’re interested in, and YouTube will provide a list of relevant videos. You can also use the “filter” option to narrow down the results by type of content, date published, and other criteria. You can search content that is recently uploaded around a topic and see if its getting a lot of attentions and views or not.
  • Check out the “trending” page: YouTube’s trending page showcases the most popular videos on the platform at any given time. This can give you an idea of what content is currently popular among YouTube users.
  • Subscribe to Relevant channels: If you find a channel that consistently produces high-quality content that becomes trending, consider subscribing to it. This way, you’ll receive notifications whenever the channel publishes a new video, and you can easily keep up with their content. Usually top channels in any category are good at publishing videos on trending topics. So you can follow top channels aroud your area of interest.
  • Use the “up next” feature: YouTube’s “up next” feature suggests videos related to the one you’re currently watching. This can be a great way to discover new content that is popolar right now and you might enjoy.
  • Ask for recommendations: If you’re not sure what to watch or create, consider asking your friends or family members for recommendations. They may be able to suggest content that aligns with your interests and might be popular right now.

Let us know how do you find trending topics on youtube. Do you find trending topics as a viewer or are you are youtube creator who wants to create videos around trending topics? Let us know in comments.

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