How to Grow New YouTube Channel in 2023 | New YouTube Algorithm Explained

The year 2023 is here and YouTube has implemented a lot of changes for creators. In 2023 if you want to grow your new youtube channel, this guide will help you understand the new YouTube algorithm. If you work on YouTube according to recommendations and YouTube guidelines then you can easily grow your youtube channel in 2023. Because the new YouTube algorithm is helping new creators grow their channels if they follow certain guidelines.

So what are the changes in the new YouTube algorithm? How can you grow your new youtube channel according to the new YouTube algorithm? How can you get more views on your new youtube channel? New youtube creators complain that they don’t get enough views on their videos. Their subscribers don’t increase as compared to other YouTube creators. YouTube has answered all of these questions. I will explain this in this guide. So how new youtube algorithm is helping new creators to grow on youtube?

How YouTube Recommendation System Works in 2023?

Among other factors, one factor may be watching history. YouTube may take your ‘watch history on youtube‘ into consideration while recommending videos. It means now any youtube user may view video recommendations based on his previous watch history. It means if you watch more educational videos, youtube may recommend more educational videos to you. Youtube will recommend videos based on what a viewer already watches regularly on YouTube.

And it makes sense.

Because why should you get recommendations for funny cat videos when you are interested more in watching vlogging videos? Although YouTube may recommend videos that are being watched a lot and it may think you might be interested in them. If you take interest in those videos, then youtube will recommend to you, more such videos around that topic.

YouTube will recommend relevant videos around your interest. YouTube algorithm is designed for the viewer’s satisfaction. It tries to surface those videos that a viewer likes to watch for that viewer. So a viewer may get video recommendations based on what he already likes to watch.

But will not ‘video recommendations, based on viewer’s watch history’, benefit the same youtube channels and same video creators repeatedly? It may look like this but YouTube’s No.1 goal is to meet viewers’ expectations.

For new YouTubers and new video creators, to get more views on their videos, YouTube has other features to benefit from.

More Focus on Search Results & Searchable Content

If you are a new video creator or a new YouTube creator, focus on making searchable videos. Choose a video title that is relevant and searchable. Also, improve your video descriptions. Your video should be searchable to appear in Google search results and YouTube search results. You can try this right now. Go to YouTube and search for anything. You will notice many videos in search results from new youtube creators. For example, if you search ‘how to make money online’, in youtube search, you will notice many new video creators will appear in video search results.

So if you want more views on your youtube videos, focus on video SEO by choosing the relevant video title and detailed video description. Keep your title relevant, for most of the questions, that viewers want answers for, around the topic. This is the thing that will favor new YouTubers that will show your videos to a broad audience, through the browse feature. So focus on the video title, video description, and SEO to get noticed on youtube. Specially get noticed in search results.

But even if you improve video SEO, choose a good title and description and your video is ranked at the top in search results, question is, how long will it stay at the top of youtube search results? This is another factor that you should be working on. It is about the video itself and how the viewer interacts with your video.

Viewer’s Interaction with Video (CTR & AVD)

Youtube’s success depends on how well viewers receive videos from a particular video creator. How much longer a viewer watches your video? This is called AVD (Average View Duration). How many likes does the video receive? If a video is watched from beginning to end and it is not skipped, it’s an indication to the YouTube algorithm that the video has some value for the viewer. YouTube algorithm will surface this video in front of more viewers who like the similar topic.

The viewer pulls the relevant content from YouTube. Relevant content that is enjoyed by other similar viewers, is pulled by other users who enjoy similar content. If AVD for a video is more than 50%, this video will tend to rank well in search results and will attract more views from youtube. 50% AVD means most viewers are watching more than half of your video. Make viewers watch your video longer to perform better on youtube.

CTR (Click Through Rate) is also important. How many viewers click on your video thumbnail to watch the video when your video thumbnail is placed in front of them in youtube video search results? This factor can usually be improved by improving your video thumbnail and video title. Your video title should be relevant and appealing to most viewers and the video thumbnail should be catchy and interesting to the viewer.

So after choosing a good title, writing a better description, doing SEO, and adding a good thumbnail, make your videos engaging and appealing to watch, for viewers. Add value to videos so that viewers watch your video longer.

So this new YouTube algorithm is focusing on new video creators through search results. Make your videos appear more in search results by improving your video SEO and then make viewers watch your videos longer by adding value to the video. Cut unnecessary things from the video. Give something to viewers that they like and don’t waste viewers’ time. Viewers will like it, the YouTube algorithm will like it and you as a new youtube creator will grow on youtube sooner.

There is no shortcut or quick trick to rank better and perform well on youtube. It’s just about giving what viewers want from a creator and giving it to them without wasting their time.

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