Make Money Online by Just Wishing | How to Wish & Earn Money Online

Even if you don’t know how to read or write in English properly you can make money online by just wishing. In this guide, I will tell you how. You can do this right now and start earning today by doing this work. This work becomes trending multiple times every year. Speak 20 words by mouth, and earn $20. Speak 40 words by mouth, and earn $40. You only have to just wish. 100% legal and genuine way to earn online money easily. I will tell you how can you do it right now.

There is no technical knowledge or skill needed to do this task. You don’t need to know how to read or write in the English language. Anybody can do it. Kids, housewives, men, students, everybody can do it. Work from home whenever you like and earn income from home. This work becomes trending multiple times in a year. When it’s trending, then it’s high time to do it and make money online.

If it’s the new year approaching, near Christmas time, or any holiday approaches, this work becomes trending. If you wish somebody, then you will earn online. That is the work. There is no competition. Fiverr is the biggest online platform for freelancers to make money online. Use it to work from home and make some easy money from wherever you are. We will tell you and you have to do it. Just put in your best efforts and you can do this easy online job.

Go to the Fiverr website and click on it link ‘trending‘ (in the top navigation at the top right corner).
Click on the ‘trending’ link, to open the drop-down revealing more links.
Click on the ‘Greeting Cards and Videos‘ link.
On that page look for the ideas.

Even if there is no trending season. Search ‘Greeting Cards and Videos’ on Fiverr and see how people are earning money. You will see titles like:

  • I will wish happy birthday and wedding anniversary with my goat
  • I will create happy birthday wishes from African people
  • I will do a unique holiday video greeting from a beach
  • I will make a birthday occasion newscast 1n 24 hours
  • I will deliver an epic video as a biker
  • I will make a funny custom message for birthday
  • I will wish happy birthday to camel from the desert
  • I will deliver your message as a boatman
  • I will wish you anything as a software engineer in any language
  • I will make a happy birthday video as a breaking news reporter
  • I will prepare a Christmas greeting card with your logo and branding
  • I will be your spiderman and say anything you want
  • I will be your batman and say anything you want
  • I will be your Flash (Barry Allen) and say anything you want
  • I will be Harry Potter and say anything you want
  • I will wish you anything as Harry Potter

People are earning in their Fiverr category from every corner of the world. Watch how many orders sellers have delivered already from that category and see how much earnings they have generated. You have to point your camera towards you, create a video and wish somebody according to the order placed by the buyer and send the video. It is that easy. Happy birthday, wishing gigs run for a whole year.

Just see the orders and gig price. Multiply the order amount by the number of gigs completed and you will realize how much people are earning from this gig. Click at any gig and see the packages. You will see people have created packages about speaking 20 words for $20 and speaking 40 words for $40. No SEO is needed for this type of Fiverr gig. It’s simple and it just works.

Cash the season. You can create a gig like this.

I will wish you a happy new year

And then add something interesting to it. Like name your pet and create a video with your pet wishing somebody happy birthday.

You can create an account on Fiverr, and create multiple gigs around the same category to make yourself more visible in front of an audience. You can earn money by selling your services through gigs. Receive money in your Fiverr account. Withdraw in the bank, Payoneer and then JazzCash or any withdrawal method available. It’s that easy.

All you have to just do is to just create a gig and start earning money online. In this category the funnier you are, the more you will earn. Overall, watch the Fiverr trending section and look for ideas there and see how can you earn in many creative and easy ways easily.


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